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3 Things You MUST Ask Before Choosing an Education Service Provider

It’s always great to learn something more than school, be it music, martial arts, public speaking or anything else. These…

What’s the Best Age to Start Learning a New Musical Instrument?

The age-old question: what’s the best age to pick up a musical instrument? Many parents have wondered about this when…

Which are the Most Popular Music Courses in Singapore? Our Kiasu Parents Will Tell You the Answers

China is infamous for its competitive education system, simply because of its vast population 1.3 billion! We, as Singaporeans, think…

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Tuition Classes

Isn’t it painful enough to know that your results are lagging behind? Feeling even more helpless when scores are still…

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Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

  To help ALL students, regardless of their initial ability, to build a strong foundation, gain greater self-confidence and get “A” in their examinations in school. We have gathered a strong team of excellent teachers who, through their effective teaching during our tuition lessons, have helped their students increase their scores by 2 grades and above. During our years of running Knowledge Trail, we have been privileged to have many…


Seimpi School of Music

Our objective is to equip children with the skills and attitude that are necessary to help them achieve their highest…

Yen’s Tuition Centre

Yen’s is your child’s home away from home where we help them grow.

Speech Academy Asia

Speaking is “The Lifeskill” that will give you career advancements, happier and more meaningful relationships, help your children excel in…


The ICON for Excellent and Quality Taekwondo Courses in Singapore! The Taekwondo School BEST PICKED by Asian Parents! Be coached…

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